I am 20 year old Celiac trying to lose a couple of pounds.
Height: 5' 1" SWt: 147 Mini Goal Weight:130 CWt: 138 UGW: 120-115 Unrealistic Number: 110

Why I like psychology:

The following is a quote from today’s class: “If there is a body in the freezer than you’re good.” Oh this is clinical psychology btw. We also talked about gun control and animal abuse.

Someone described classes with my favorite professor as “being told to eat your vegetables as a kid. You know it’s good for you but it’s hard to take.” I call her a bitch but a loveable bitch.

And then there is German:
I was told in german that I need to spend more time on the language stfu lady i didn’t have time to do german I had to process my life: I had a car break down on me, my grandma went to the hospital and now has to have 24 hr care. She’s fucking dying of cancer and you want me to spend more time on a language I’m taking for fun?