I am 20 year old Celiac trying to lose a couple of pounds.
Height: 5' 1" SWt: 147 Mini Goal Weight:130 CWt: 138 UGW: 120-115 Unrealistic Number: 110

So yesterday I worked at a tent at Boston’s Local Food Fest

MAPLE NUT KITCHEN. Shameless plug for my boss’s company.

And I stole probably a case of napkins from Panera before they caught me.  And we sold 132 bags of granola. The Paleo Granola, which is more expensive, sold out first… but I mean my favorite is the Cayenne Cocoa and my boss’s favorite is Northern Berry so… we may been persuading people. Also, Pumpkin Gingerbread comes out in a couple of weeks and she’s taking preorders now. I already told her that’s the kind I want next. SO EXCITED.

My favorites of the day—

I saw some girl say fuck after trying our granola…. she had already bought two bags at another place.

And there was a really happy vegan guy there who was like “YES! You guys rock!” Why is granola processed with honey when maple syrup is such a delicious and natural ingredient? And then he danced after trying it.

This guy was like, “I’m waiting for my girlfriend to try the other granolas, then we’re buying…” She came back a minute later with the other samples and then proceeded to buy ours.